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Samplebox by request
  Glass tiles / glass sheets in all
  colors and looks
  Composites made of corn waste
  100% CO2 neutral and compostable
  Laminates made of acrylic glass   backing in all colors and looks
  Sandwich with crystal appearance in   all colors and looks
  Color/transparent and translucent   composites
  Textured sheets made of PET, acrylic   glass and glass
  Laminates made from glass and   plastics
    Satin glass and plastic with B1






Order the samplebox and get inspired by the characteristic of our materials!


Contakt Person
Postal Code /City

With around 50 samples
sample size 100x100mm

price: 88,-

With around 30 samples
sample size 50x50mm

price: 26,-

With around 10 samples
sample size50x50 mm

price: 8,-