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  Glass tiles / glass sheets in all
  colors and looks
  Composites made of corn waste
  100% CO2 neutral and compostable
  Laminates made of acrylic glass   backing in all colors and looks
  Sandwich with crystal appearance in   all colors and looks
  Color/transparent and translucent   composites
  Textured sheets made of PET, acrylic   glass and glass
  Laminates made from glass and   plastics
    Satin glass and plastic with B1






Outside sales agent

In your function, you provide support to our customers and are independently responsible for attracting new customers in the field of interior design, trade show construction and store fitting applications. You are extremely motivated and take responsibility for your work. Your ability to be flexible is one of your best character traits. You have a distinctive personality, a strong sense of design, are dedicated and work well in a team. You excel at new challenges while staying focused on your goal. You enjoy finding creative solutions to any problem. If you would like to develop your professional future alongside a strong partner, we look forward to receiving your complete written application documents. Please address them to Mr. Bremer.