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About Us
  Glass tiles / glass sheets in all
  colors and looks
  Composites made of corn waste
  100% CO2 neutral and compostable
  Laminates made of acrylic glass   backing in all colors and looks
  Sandwich with crystal appearance in   all colors and looks
  Color/transparent and translucent   composites
  Textured sheets made of PET, acrylic   glass and glass
  Laminates made from glass and   plastics
    Satin glass and plastic with B1






Technology and aesthetics in conjunction with a wealth of ideas and the power of innovation – that is what characterises panel production at Marvel.
And in the process, safety, fire-protection and acoustic properties go hand in hand with beauty, charm and sustainability.
Discover the wide selection of standard panels featured in our range. Or play the role of designer yourself, and let us manufacture custom panels for you!
Innovative and pioneering: thanks to our comprehensive spectrum of special machinery and format sizes up to 2.5m x 8m, Marvel panels set exacting standards - worldwide!